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Customer care from people who care about people

We focus

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Our care specialists don't just answer calls; they represent your brand. We handle your customers as carefully and respectfully as we would our own.

From Answering Calls to Calling the Shots

Most of our leaders kicked off their careers right where it matters: on the phones. This experience gives us a first-hand understanding of the importance of equipping our team with the resources they need to excel daily. It also underscores our commitment to making them proud members of the FSC family.

Leading with Excellence, Inspiring with Purpose

We offer more than a job; we create successful careers for our employees. Our commitment to delivering exceptional training, attractive incentives, and a clear path for advancement empowers our employees to exceed expectations and serve our customers with excellence.

Cutting-Edge Solutions, Remarkable Results

By combining innovative tech solutions with tried-and-true customer relations strategies, our specialists deliver prompt problem-solving that lifts customer satisfaction rates for your brand.

Genuine Care Starts with Genuine People

Situated in Tbilisi Georgia, Focus Solutions Centre offers multi-brand customer care of the highest quality.

We're dedicated to delivering a customer journey filled with understanding, patience, and courtesy. Our services and technology are finely tuned to match the unique requirements of your business. With state-of-the-art back-office systems for phone, email, and social media, we ensure 24/7 accessibility for your customers, wherever they may be.